When you place an order with CTS, you will receive a login and password for ClosingTracker™, our secure website. There, you will have 24/7 access to your closing documents and file status information.  You can also upload documents and communicate with us about your files at your convenience.  Real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, loan officers and other service providers can upload their photos, logos and contact information so that their clients will view this information each time they access their files.  Contact us for more information about this easy and effective way to communicate with clients!

If you already have a  ClosingTracker ™ login and password:


Using Digital, Web-Based Technology, CTS delivers title insurance products, closing protection letters and document images within hours of receiving your title order.  Our first priority is to close your transaction on schedule, while insuring that title is good, marketable and without defects.  We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:


•  Preliminary title reports and title insurance commitments

•  Title objection letter responses

•  Clearance of title objections and exceptions

•  Survey reading

•  Document collection and review

•  Escrow services (funding and escrow letters)

•  Settlement and disbursement statements

•  Commitment mark-ups

•  Recording

•  Title insurance policies

•  UCC policies

•  1031 exchange intermediary services


We understand the specific needs of buyers,  sellers, developers,

real estate brokers, and lenders, and conscientiously fulfill our obligations to each party to the transaction.


For additional information about our  products and services, please contact us.