When you place an order with CTS, you will receive a login and password for ClosingTracker™, our secure website. There, you will have 24/7 access to your closing documents and file status information.  You can also upload documents and communicate with us about your files at your convenience. You can choose whether or not to utilize ClosingTracker™ -- if you do, you and your representatives will receive email notices when important information is updated in your file, and we will receive notices when the parties to the transaction update information or leave us a message.  If you already have a  ClosingTracker™ login and password:


Communication is the Key to rendering the highest quality service.  We take a two-fold approach to tailor our communications to our customers' individual needs.  First, our title professionals will offer prompt, friendly responses to all of your requests and questions by your preferred method of communication, whether in person or via phone, fax or email.   Second, with ClosingTracker™, you will have access to state of the art technology making your file accessible to you 24/7 at our secure website.  Our clients live and work around the globe, and ClosingTracker™ bridges time and schedule differences by providing realtime updates of the information and documents we generate, as well as those our customers upload at our site.  ClosingTracker ™ is a great tool for efficiently communicating with all of the parties to the transaction -- buyers, sellers, realtors, attorneys and lenders.  

If you would like to learn more about ClosingTracker™ or schedule a demonstration, please contact us.  


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